Man working with a projector in a movie theater The_Arts_Council_Theater_Paramount_Theater Crowd coming out of Regal movie theater. Southside of Chicago, Illinois

What is it?

How does it work?

Going to the Global Show is a digital humanities cinema history project template created with DH Press, a WordPress plugin developed in the Digital Innovation Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill. Going to the Global Show is designed to provide a model for scholars interested in visualizing movie venues and associated multimedia materials on a map. Mapping media-rich data helps bring the experience of going to the movies to life. 

This site, designed by graduate students in Dr. Robert Allen’s Digital Humanities Practicum (Fall 2013), provides best-practice DH Press methodology for cinema scholars from across the world. Browse this site for instructions for use, customization, and a demonstration project based on Going to the Show.

DH Press  can map and visualize numerous digitized humanities-related material including: historical maps, images, manuscripts, and multimedia content like oral histories, in seconds. The Digital Innovation Lab in collaboration with Joe Hope of the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) developed DH Press to be an open source tool for scholars to create a range of digital projects, from virtual walking tours and interactive exhibits, to classroom teaching tools and community repositories. Visit the Digital Innovation Lab to learn more about other DH Press projects.

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